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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Public Schools

This video is from a technologically forward high school. Clearly, unlike most NYS school districts, there is money to be spent on technology. I looked at this video and thought about the future of our world and this country. The U.S. is looking for ways to compete, improve, and in many ways survive the downturn of the economy, education, and intellect that this country has experienced during the past 25 years. We all throw our hands in the air and wonder how we will ever progress in a technologically advanced era. I have the answer:


Public education is the one thing thing that this country had, which was prized above all. Parents and students both, had a deep abiding respect for education and what it brought its recipients. This is no longer true. It is especially not true in cities. In many U.S. cities as the level of services, and quality education has diminished, small and large city governments alike have reached out for whatever might work. While the public school systems were allowed to wither and have been bereft of appropriate funding, the government's answer has been Charter Schools. While the public schools are suffering, the Charter School; America's great educational hope, is siphoning dollars from the public school system. The most repugnant part of this practice, is that the charter schools do not have the criteria and mandates that the public schools do.

Charter schools are also free to 'cherry pick' their students, so that they are able to choose from the best, and easiest to instruct and manage, thereby leaving the 'problems' to the public school district.

Is there an answer to this problem? Yes, stop weeding out dollars, students, and resources, and invest in the public school system. Invest in a future for EVERY child, not just the kids who can make into a more 'desirable' school.
Our future depends on public education. Without a great public education system, we will be doomed as a country to be second or third rate. We will have to make do with minds and technology that are not par with the rest of the world. Education belongs to everyone. Every child deserves the best education possible. Every community deserves good public schools that will serve their needs for now and in the future.

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