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Thursday, January 21, 2010


What goes on in people's heads? Why are we, as a country so reactionary? We swing the pendulum so widely every time we detect a little dissatisfaction in ourselves. Obama has been President such a short time and we are already mad and upset by everything he does that does not provide instant satisfaction.

The Republican party is NOT our friend. It has railed at Obama regularly, and granted it has caused him to misstep in some cases and retreat in others. It took "W" eight long years to mess things up, it is going to take more than one year to fix them.

It brings to mind people who have gained weight by middle age. They all want to lose it immediately; never mind that it took them 20 years to gain it, if it's not gone in a month, they give up. Americans use this same logic when it comes to the political arena. What, Obama hasn't made me thrilled in a year, then off with his head! We are somewhat ridiculous.

Which brings me to "underwear guy" in M.A., a.k.a. Scott Brown. He's not horrible, but he's not "all that". Unfortunately now the guy thinks he's on top of the world. I have news for you pal, your best friends are the goons on Fox News. They were so happy they almost peed themselves. Lots of slobbering all over that election. It makes me kind of sick to see the way people react. Which is the crux of the matter... Americans tend to react and react and react and react.

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