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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Glenn Beck decides Ted Kennedy was "evil"

Ok, so maybe I screwed up and the Wing Nut of the Month Award should go to Glenn Beck....but really, how many times does this A_hole get to win this award?

So now Beck is crying over the fact that Ted Kennedy was evil, according to who? I guess some other deformed brain wack job with more alcohol and sedatives in his veins than Rush Limbaugh. God, when does this end? Couldn't some alien creatures decide they want to do experiments on ultra conservative crazies and just beam all these nuts up to the Planet Frijblotz?

If there are any aliens listening, I have a whole list for you of people you can have... S. Palin, you'll find her killing things in Alaska, G.Beck, he'll be cryin' and lyin' on tv, Rush Limbaugh, just follow the trail of liquor bottles and drug paraphenalia, Gov. McDonnel of Virginia, he'll be in the library re-writing the history of the Civil War, Michelle Bachman, she'll be in the window looking out for the death panels, Dale Robertson, founder of the TeaParty, he will be polishing his guns and puttin' up supplies for doomsday...there are so many more, but I understand if you can't take them all, it's just if you would start with this group it would be a big help to the rest of us who haven't gone stark raving loco. Thanks again!

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